In the first part of this blog I discussed how expectancy is a lesson that we can extract from the simple action of children leaving cookies and milk for Santa on Christmas Eve. In this second part, the lesson is one of gratitude. Gratitude is not only a feeling for the kindness or goodness that has been bestowed upon us but it also extends to the hope of better things to come which have yet to be experienced. Children exhibit a pure and innocent display of gratitude when they set aside Santa’s midnight snack long before they have seen anything in the form of a gift. They are so confident of the good that will happen for them that they do not wait for the manifestation of that good and pleas


It has been a one of the most popular and common images during the Christmas holiday season for a very long time. The image of cookies on a plate and a glass of milk left by the Christmas tree for Santa to enjoy. Children from around the world who celebrate Christmas get excited about leaving a snack for good ol’ St. Nick. Kids even at this early age, unbeknownst to them, practice the principle of being prepared for receiving something good by leaving those cookies as a token of appreciation to Santa for visiting them. However, the snack on the table represents so much more than just a thank you for anticipated gifts. I submit to you that it represents three very powerful lessons that anyone


On a recent speaking trip, I encountered an interesting experience while on my return flight. It spoke volumes of the human tendency to focus more on what goes wrong instead of what actually goes right. It was the default setting for most humans on broad display. With the exception of a few bumps, the flight was an overall good flight with fairly good service. We left on time and actually arrived a little earlier than scheduled. However, that was not good enough for the passenger sitting next to me. Upon landing and being able to turn on his phone, he immediately called someone to complain about the "turbulence" and not having enough ice with his water. As I sat there listening, I couldn't h

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