• Jay Maymi


Updated: Jan 15, 2019

My life, work, and entrepreneurial experiences so far have taught me that if you are going to be in the people business then you’d better understand how people think and what makes them tick. After all, what separates a novice communicator from one whose effectiveness is at ninja status or mastery mode is simply what he or she can draw out of the person they are communicating with. The ambitious yet novice sales person, negotiator, marketer, entrepreneur, or anyone for that matter who interacts with others for a living must understand that there is another level of communication that exists and if incorporated properly can produce wonderful results in whatever pursuit they are undertaking. Quite frankly, attempting to be successful without mastering these skills or accessing these available tactics is equivalent to going to combat with one arm tied behind your back, or stepping up to the baseball plate to face a 90 MPH fastball pitcher with a whiffle ball bat. Are you getting the picture? There is no way you can expect to be as effective as you can be under those circumstances. Simply put, if you are going to strive to be the best that you can be at whatever you are pursuing then don’t sell yourself short. Embrace the fact that there are higher laws of communication available other than what your five senses provide. There is a major advantage in going past the conscious mind of an individual and penetrating their subconscious to increase the probability of a desired action from that individual.

Now, let me stop here for a moment to clear the air. I do not endorse techniques that are intended for wrongful manipulation or misappropriation. Clearly, the application of morality, ethics, and honesty must be applied here. However, when utilized properly and with right intentions you do find that the end results are two parties who have come to a mutually beneficial agreement and relationship.

The bottom line is that your increased effectiveness as a communicator may be the very thing that the other person requires you to be to help guide them. If you sincerely believe in the goodness of what you do, then using effective subconscious communication techniques can become the defining difference in the amount of people you ultimately help and the lives you change for the better. Personally, I can attest that having utilized these techniques after being made aware of them due to an extensive career in sales, academic studies, research projects, and numerous workshops in sales psychology for over 25 years, that they’ve made a profound difference in my business, career, and life. I am very confident that they will do the same for you.

One final point. Although I could have taken a much more intensive academic and scientific approach to this book (considering my background experiences in the fields of psychology, social work, counseling, human behavior, and sales psychology and marketing), I decided it was not called for. This is lay literature. Besides, thinking like most busy people, I wanted to trim the fat, cut to the chase, and just deliver the applicable nuts and bolts stuff. I know that’s how I think and I’m sure most busy go-getters think the same way. Even though, I will cover some minor aspects of Psychology, Sociology, and Biology, my intent is to keep it light in these areas and focus more on the day to day application of these very powerful and effective subconscious communication techniques.

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