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It's the simple and sincere things in life that become the catalyst for greater events to occur. I believe that in an impressive age of incredible technology, advances in social media, and ever-expanding knowledge, the simplest of actions can significantly change not only your world but someone else's. What's amazing is that you don't need to spend that much energy either to witness the power of simple and sincere at work. Consider that a harvest of abundance starts with a tiny seed yet simple, sincere and humble can somehow get the proverbial short end of the stick. In my life, I have witnessed the benefit of a simple hello accompanied by a sincere smile towards a stranger. A simple hello and smile can be explosive when delivered with authentic sincerity. There's an honest magic that occurs when you start a potential relationship, be it with a stranger or an acquaintance, with a hello and a smile. The possibilities of that basic action become endless for everyone involved. Today, as I sat in the lobby of a church that I was attending for the first time, there were many people who walked by yet said nothing. No hellos. No smiles. No welcome. Until, a friendly face came up to me and smiled and said "hello". We shook hands and started to talk. The trailer version of the rest of our conversation is that he is writing his first book and has been looking for help and direction. When I shared with him my background as an author he knew that his smile and hello was going to pay big dividends for him in ways we just do not know yet. We were both blessed by this simple yet genuine encounter. It is often said that the greatest business deals and powerful relationships are sometimes forged on the golf course, and while that is undeniably true, I know that equally as powerful as a round of golf is that sincere, humble, and simple hello to the stranger in the elevator, the person at the gym, the woman standing on line at the supermarket, the new student sitting next to you in class or, as in my case, being approached by Joe in the lobby of a church building on a Sunday morning service.

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