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If they are honest and sincere, any success seeker or world changer will tell you of their personal battles with their own invisible enemies. To clarify my statement, I do not speak of invisible enemies in a fashion that some might conclude. I am not referring to invisible enemies as spiritual or religious dark goblins or incubuses from an underworld. Instead, I reference invisible enemies in a non-literal sense to highlight the malignant aspects of emotions that every aspiring person battles with while on their journey to a predetermined goal, dream, or success. Whether they have achieved complete victory (although I do not believe that you can ever have complete victory), experience skirmishes from time to time, have been ambushed by guerrilla-style attacks, or are in current all-out warfare, no one is immune from having to battle these enemies of our mind and spirit.
Although these battles are not uncommon and are part of life, they were never truly explained or highlighted in the brochure of life and success. In fact, the disclosure statement is usually found in the fine print at the end of it towards the very bottom...below the roses! The disclosure reads that if you plan on endeavoring to go beyond average and ordinary, then please be aware that you will definitely experience, to some extent, possibly lifelong battles with the invisible enemies of pressure, stress, anxiety, worry, fear, despair, discouragement, doubt, disbelief, and depression. I am honest enough to say that I have had my battles with these invisible enemies. The challenge with battling these invisible enemies is that they can be so subtle and silent that you don't even notice they are there or that an attack is mounting against you. Yet, at other times, you are fully aware that you are at war with them. There is no hiding from them, running away from them, or dismissing them. You have to engage them head-on in the battlefield of your mind.
I believe you will be able to attain what has probably eluded you for so long as you face these inner struggles head-on.
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