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“Jay Maymi has written  powerful book that provides the reader with the tools to dig deep inside themselves to recognize, tackle, and conquer life’s inner struggle on the road to achieving the successes they desire.”

Alfred Titus, Jr.
Author, Speaker, Professor, 25 Year Ret. NYC Detective


"I firmly believe the second you take the initiative to pursue better living, enact positive change and success, you will experience a greater degree of intensive and frequent attacks from invisible enemies. But take heed! I have written this book for you. We will dive into the many aspects of battling invisible enemies so that once your read is over you will be able to define them, understand their objectives, identify them and their tactics, create your own I.E.D.S. (Invisible Enemy Defense System), establish your own tactics for battle, and recognize the blessing that comes from the battle.  Now if you’re ready, SUIT UP and get BATTLE READY!"


Jay Maymi

business coach texas, small business success coach, survive to thrive, entrepreneur blog, empowerment specialist

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