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Time can be a tricky thing. It can be invested wisely or mismanaged and wasted. Even though we are all guilty of wasting time there are those who really struggle with it. They make an art form out of it. However, for the high achiever, success seeker, or pursuer of a more productive life, investing time wisely becomes a very critical aspect of their personal development journey. Even though time can be very forgiving of its abusers, it does come at a cost unless there’s a recognition of how to properly invest time in order to yield a great return. I believe that there are four solid ways to invest your time where you can feel good about the return it will yield.

The first is investing your time in such a way that it promotes your cause - whatever that cause may be. Whether you are building a business, enhancing your career, achieving better health and so on, your investment should bring your cause further along. If you are in the sales profession, did your investment of time yield more appointments? Next is determining whether your time investment is in alignment with your purpose. In other words, people get caught up with all sorts of time commitments and activities that are not in conjunction with their calling. If you never have plans of competing in professional bodybuilding or fitness competitions then why invest so much time daily at the gym? Another good indicator whether you are investing your time with great return expectations is your sense of well-being and attitude throughout. If you are engaging in an activity that makes you cranky, negative, or even physically sick then that is a very good indication that your time investment needs to change.

Lastly, is assessing whether your investment of time is pulling you closer to your dreams or pushing you further away. One of the hardest emotions anyone can experience is despair due to knowing that time is passing them by and they are no closer to their dreams. As you embark on your next investment of time match it up against these four benchmarks. If you find that none are present then it may be that you are about to experience another episode of time poorly invested.

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