There are times when the person who will need a search and rescue mission will be you. Search and rescue missions are activated during times when deadly circumstances have put the lives of many in danger of being lost. We have all seen many of these missions during our lifetimes, unfortunately. A personal search and rescue is also activated when you are in grave danger of being lost. When I say “lost” I don’t necessarily mean that you are in danger of losing your life (although that can most certainly happen). What I’m referring to is losing who you are, your identity, your sense of self-worth, your confidence, and your dreams. In my opinion, this SAR mission is needed more than most people


It is easy to quit anything. It really takes no effort. The quit muscle needs no formal training, exercising, or development. It is always in shape and ready to be called into action. We all have it and it stands ready to remind us that it is but a short thought or decision away. In fact, it never sleeps and never slumbers. There is absolutely no stamina needed when the time comes to decide that you are out of something or you will stop doing something because of difficulties, boredom, challenges, weather, criticism, fear, doubt, and on and on. However, the pursuit of a worthwhile endeavor doesn’t let you off the hook that easily. That road comes with a ton of manure loaded with flies and be


I am sure many of you have heard of the old, wise saying, “You reap what you sow”. It seems straightforward at first glance, right? It basically means you will get out of something in equal measure whatever you put into it. In other words, you import what you export. If you are sowing good things, then you will also reap good things. However, because the saying is so simple it can also be taken for granted in the part that is most critical when read as a universal life lesson. The most indispensable element to this saying is the part where YOU must sow to get the results. Without the action of sowing there is nothing to reap. I believe that far too many people expect to reap when they have n

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