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In my upcoming 10th book, "10 Toxic Traits That Keep You Broke, Busted, and Disgusted", I write about the toxic trait of being complacent. You don't have to meet too many people before encountering someone who exhibits this trait unashamedly. They revel in being complacent. Whether they know it or not, this behavior has daunting repercussions, which they are probably already experiencing. We all become complacent at times, don't we? It's certainly part of human nature to get so comfortable or confident at experiencing something that we no longer feel we need to either pay much mind to it, expand our knowledge of it, or worse, become numb to when something needs immediate attention or correction.

There are areas in life that are non-negotiable when avoiding being complacent. Complacency has no place in pursuing happiness, better health, personal finances, relationship growth, skill development, academics, career, and standing up for what you believe in, to name a few. If you find yourself quickly being overcome by this toxic trait, immediately challenge it and question yourself. Ask yourself what the risks are if you don't do anything. Challenge yourself to list what the benefits are if you do nothing. The answers will lead you out of the path of complacency.


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