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Whether you realize it or not, what you do or don't do daily prepares you for one of three daily outcomes: progressing forward, regressing backward, or becoming stagnant. This is true whether you're willing to accept it or not. Two out of these three outcomes certainly are not desirable, yet it's what you can expect when you don't prepare your daily actions. This is unavoidable. When your day wraps up, you can look back on what you did that day and conclude whether you are leaving it a little better off, a little worse, or about the same.

Now, let me be clear. Not in every instance will you be able to see tangible and measurable progress that same day or even the next. However, you'll know that day's actions, activities, decisions, and habits will eventually show through. For example, if you consume less than healthy food for a string of days, then within a few days, your body will reveal the results of poor eating activity for those previous days. Suppose you're in business or sales, and you don't make the necessary prospecting contacts for a day or more. In that case, your business activity will reflect fewer appointments than usual for the coming week, or worse, no appointments at all. This daily preparation based on activities performed involves just about every area of life that you wish to see forward progress, growth, and promotion in. So be intentional about how you will pursue forward progress by preparing the daily activities needed for such results.

(c)2022 Jay Maymi


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