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Whether or not you are a sports fan, you have probably heard the phrase "March Madness." This famous alliteration refers to the time of year when NCAA college basketball holds its coveted tournament to crown the college basketball champion. It's a frenzied few weeks of the top colleges and players playing for a shot at the championship. For those not into the sports aspect of the phrase, it becomes, nonetheless, a highly intense and relentless pursuit of a goal in a short time. I have seen so many people take advantage of this mindset and achieve incredible and sustainable personal momentum during "March Madness." Why? Simple. For a short period of time, they suspend distractions, tap into their storehouse of focus, dig deep into their well of energy, become strategic, tactful, and stealthy in their planning, and let it all ride. They hold nothing back. Is there any doubt that with this type of approach, you can experience breakthroughs?

My question is, "When was the last time you had your own "March Madness" in an area you wanted to experience a breakthrough?" I suspect that your answer is common to the answers most give when proposed with the same question, "I have never had my own "March Madness." In the spirit of the month, can I encourage you to declare "March Madness" over an area of your life in that you want to become a champion in? A winner in. The top seed. By the way, you may end up reading this newsletter with only two weeks left in the month. So what. You can declare "March Madness" at any point in time that you desire to. The month is irrelevant. It's the call to action, that is.


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