Currently, the world is re-establishing some sense of normalcy from the COVID 19 pandemic. One of the challenges that faced many Americans in the early stages of the pandemic was disinfectant items at the stores. I mean, wherever you went, you could not find Lysol spray, hand sanitizers, wipes, and even toilet paper (which baffled many). The stores were out of stock. Consumers did not care much for the store (or even other items for that matter) if what they went in for they could not get. Consumers would go on a hunt to find what they deemed as critical and much needed for their well-being and safety. Shopper loyalty went out the window. Much can be said about the way people will see you wh


Mark, one of my friends and business running buddies, recently called me excited. He had just come up with the name of a new networking group that we had been talking about creating. It was a group that had to be different in every way from the usual, predictable, and stale formatting of current networking groups. He said, “Let’s call the group Abundance Connectors!” I agreed without hesitation. I knew that this was the perfect name and that something special was in the works. When I asked him how he had come up with the name, he said, “It came to me in the hot tub early in the morning.” He went on to explain that every early morning he sits in his hot tub in the backyard by himself. He does

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