As one who has owned rental property, I know very well the pros and cons of dealing with tenants. The rental property experience can be wonderful when you have respectable and considerate tenants who pay on time. However, tenants who are less appreciative and more destructive can make for a miserable experience for a landlord. Nonetheless, it is the chance you take when you pursue a residential rental property income stream opportunity. The ugliest aspect is when you have to evict a tenant that has proven to be destructive, non-cooperative, and even harmful. Any one landlord who has gone through process can attest that it is not pleasant, and can be timely, and expensive. Yet, it has to be d


I am certain that you have a very reason or "why" for what you do or are pursuing. If you consider the myriad of reasons and motivational triggers that inspired go-getters have in their arsenal, one that I rarely hear is paying back those who have made sacrifices along with them. The unsung soldier, so to speak. If you stop and think about all of those along the way who have made adjustments (probably uncomfortable at times), shouldered some burden, or carried the torch in order for you to have a fairly clear and undisturbed quest for success, it’s clear that these amazing people want nothing more than to see you achieve your goals and dreams. It is your responsibility to pay them back by at


When I competed in bodybuilding I had a pre-contest routine that was strange for those in the gym that I attended who were also prepping to compete. In a pre-contest regimen, its common to implement specialized dieting and abnormal workouts in order to "peak" as you draw closer to the competition date. It truly is a science. My routine was to wear over-sized sweat pants and sweat shirts during this period. While most pre-contest bodybuilders tend to workout either shirtless or with tights shirts (in order to monitor their muscle movements and development), I would only check my development and progress every two weeks. As tempting as it was to do what the others were doing, I forced myself t


Time can be a tricky thing. It can be invested wisely or mismanaged and wasted. Even though we are all guilty of wasting time there are those who really struggle with it. They make an art form out of it. However, for the high achiever, success seeker, or pursuer of a more productive life, investing time wisely becomes a very critical aspect of their personal development journey. Even though time can be very forgiving of its abusers, it does come at a cost unless there’s a recognition of how to properly invest time in order to yield a great return. I believe that there are four solid ways to invest your time where you can feel good about the return it will yield. The first is investing your t


I usually never hear that exercising can be overrated unless it is coming from those who refuse to recognize it as a viable and necessary means to staying healthy and fit. It is widely accepted that a regular regimen of exercise produces many tremendous benefits, one of which is maintaining strong and vibrant muscular strength. Yet, as undeniably valuable developing the habit of exercising for muscle strength is, so much more valuable is developing the same habit of exercising for mind strength and vitality. If creating strength for the physical part of who we are is beneficial then so must be the pursuit of creating strength for the non-physical part of who we are which, by the way, is the


It's the simple and sincere things in life that become the catalyst for greater events to occur. I believe that in an impressive age of incredible technology, advances in social media, and ever-expanding knowledge, the simplest of actions can significantly change not only your world but someone else's. What's amazing is that you don't need to spend that much energy either to witness the power of simple and sincere at work. Consider that a harvest of abundance starts with a tiny seed yet simple, sincere and humble can somehow get the proverbial short end of the stick. In my life, I have witnessed the benefit of a simple hello accompanied by a sincere smile towards a stranger. A simple hello


Negativity is contagious. If you hang around negative people too long and expose yourself to their toxic attitudes, cancerous mindsets, and debilitating world views, you will more than likely become infected. There is just no way around this. Even if you’re a positive-minded individual with an overall optimistic life perspective you run the risk of infection. Regardless how fortified you think you may be to ward off negativity, too much exposure will create an exploitable crack in your border of positivity. So what is one to do to avoid negative contamination? It's simple. Limit your exposure to such individuals and environment. Period. If this is not possible then you will have to go the ex


You can't hide from the mirror. It will always reflect your image right back to you. It won't lie or deceive you. You will always see you when you look in the mirror. What's interesting about any mirror is that no matter where you are, what you’re doing, or who you’re with, when you look in that mirror it's still you looking right back. So whatever excuse you may give as to why your life, business, academics, health, etc. is not doing better (and boy, can we come up with some good ones!), generally it will not pass the mustard test because no matter where that mirror is, it is still going to reflect you. You will always be the reason why things may not be working as well for you as you'd lik


The business of convincing is a tough one. You may be in a situation where you are trying to convince someone of all the good possibilities and probabilities that exist if they take action on a particular matter. You may give very compelling reasons why taking action on that event will benefit them in excellent ways. Your rationale may overwhelmingly tip the scale in favor of them taking action but that person may only need one reason to justify why they can’t do it, and quite frankly in their mind, any reason will do. With their one lame reason they have just convinced themselves why they can’t go through with moving forward. So, here is my encouragement to you when this happens. Take heart

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