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Developing a healthy and well-balanced life requires developing meaningful, fulfilling, mutually beneficial relationships, friendships, and partnerships. I call these the essential "ships." You can thrive at a higher level when experiencing a sound and healthy intimate relationship, loving and caring friendships, and profitable partnerships. Now, as wonderful as thriving in these "ships" sounds, it can often be elusive and even frustrating for many simply because they never take the time to assess not only the person they're about to hop on the ship with but equally as important, they never assess themselves. To thrive in "ships" requires arriving at a few significant milestones.

The first is to truly and genuinely like to be around each other for more than just a season. I mean to like each other enough that you can see each other as part of each other's future. You'd be surprised how many people jump into a "ship" simply out of convenience or haste. Their "like" is merely out of accommodation and temporarily-minded. This kind of like will never make it long term. Hence, that "ship" is doomed to shipwreck.

As my second point, I offer that you must be willing to take honest criticism and even reject your ideas without succumbing to hurt feelings and becoming offended. Additionally, a safe place must exist where each can bring their concerns, comments, and ideas without the fear of being ridiculed, shamed, or belittled. Each must be okay with each other's rights and choice to reject their suggestions and recommendations.

Finally, it would be best if you settled with the fact that on your ship, you will either fall into the category of an enabler or disabler throughout the journey. We're all susceptible to falling into one or the other, whether we are aware of it. An enabler will enable the ongoing development of the other. They will provide the resources, encouragement, and belief needed for their "ship" mate to thrive. They will never become a stumbling block, either in action or words. A disabler practices the exact opposite and sometimes unbeknownst to them. They may have arrived there through a series of unhandled events, which bred animosity, bitterness, and even resentment. Their actions and words only disable, discourage, and distract the other's success journey.


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