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Business networking is the lifeblood of expanding one's circle of contacts. When done correctly, it can produce a goldmine of incredible new opportunities, not to mention great new business relationships and even friendship. So, why is that so many...well, let me say it the way I'm genuinely thinking it...suck at it? I submit to you that it's because most well-intended, thrive, minded individuals were never taught how to make networking meaningful. Recently, I spoke about this on my radio show and at a speaking event for 300 business professionals and entrepreneurs. I'll provide the condensed highlights here. If you want to make your networking events and meetings meaningful, then you MUST do the following three things:

1. Show Up Early

You have to show up and use that time wisely by doing a little recon on everyone who walks in the room until you identify who the movers and shakers are. Who the Rhinos are. Who are the ones that bring the most energy and enthusiasm? Who appear to be the connectors.

2. Show Up With The Right Attitude

We all deal with the same life issues in one way or another. However, check that baggage at the door or delete the blueprint completely. People will not want to be around you if your face, demeanor, body language, words, and energy give everybody high blood pressure. Raise your energy, confidence, and enthusiasm to the level of those who wish to attract.

3. Come With a Giver's Heart

This is where I see most people drop the ball. They come with a "taker's heart ."In other words, it's all about who they can get something from instead of focusing on how they can sow the seeds of success into the harvest of others. Be a giver of your contacts, your time, and your helpful ideas, and you'll find that you'll receive tenfold in return.


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