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I am certain that you have a very reason or "why" for what you do or are pursuing. If you consider the myriad of reasons and motivational triggers that inspired go-getters have in their arsenal, one that I rarely hear is paying back those who have made sacrifices along with them. The unsung soldier, so to speak. If you stop and think about all of those along the way who have made adjustments (probably uncomfortable at times), shouldered some burden, or carried the torch in order for you to have a fairly clear and undisturbed quest for success, it’s clear that these amazing people want nothing more than to see you achieve your goals and dreams. It is your responsibility to pay them back by attaining the very thing they supported you with from the beginning. In a well-meaning way, you owe them and have a debt to pay back. After all they have done for you, the least you can do is keep going, give it your all, achieve a measure of accomplishment, and make them proud. Unlike paying back tax debt, credit cards, loans and so on, this is a debt that you cheerfully anticipate paying back with massive interest! Why? Simply because your joy will be their joy. Your celebration will be their celebration. Your success will be their success. Your victories will be shared by them as well.

Personally, I can recall the many times as a young man pursuing my business entrepreneurial dreams as well as a bodybuilding career, my mother would wait up for me to get home and have something ready for me to eat according to my special diet. Or, the many times my family would not see me for days as I was out grinding to build my dreams. These wonderful people deserve me giving everything that I've got to make them proud and share in the joys of my accomplishments. I have a debt to pay that I will never bail out on. If you have a similar debt to pay to someone else then let that be another powerful reason for following through on the very thing that they made sacrifices to help you achieve.

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