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Any scientist, mathematician, doctor, engineer, etc., will always confirm that well-tested and verified formulas are crucial to the solving of any problem or creating something totally new. Likewise, award winning chefs speak of their special recipes (food formulas) that they attribute their culinary popularity to. Simply said, successful formulas can make or break you. The challenge is that creating a predictable formula that yields the same successful results can be elusive for those in hot pursuit of them. However, there is one time tested, common sense formula that has proven to be incredibly effective in yielding the same winning results in whatever it is applied to. This is what I call The Mind+Body+Soul Formula (MBS). The effective power of MBS can radically change any outcome when applied consistently. The challenge is that many never apply the formula complete with all three components, so they fall short of creating the greatest possible outcome. Let me briefly explain why each component is important.

If you desire something worthwhile then you must first begin to change the way you think about it, not only esoterically but academically as well. For example, if your goal is to meet the perfect mate then, not only should you begin envisioning who that person is, but you have to begin working on yourself as well. What quirks about you do you need to improve? What will make you more appealing? If you are looking to earn a promotion on your job then not only should you begin to take on the personality or character of someone who already is in that position you desire, but also begin to work on any new job skills required for that position. Finally, the MIND aspect of the MBS formula is the most important to begin with because it is where all belief is birthed. As the saying goes, “whatever the mind can conceive and believe it will achieve”. The BODY component of the formula is, in my opinion, the easiest to implement yet so many struggle with it. This is basically stating that you must be physically present if anything is going to work. In other words, you must show up. Get out of the lazy zone and get moving! You have to show up to the job, to the office, to the gym, to school and so on and so forth. Your mind can believe all it wants to but if your body isn’t there to do the physical work then it’s for naught. If you were to examine high achievers, you would find that they just keep on showing up WAY MORE than others do and tend to get there early and stay late. True? They are fanatical about being present and ready to engage opportunity. Lastly, SOUL rounds out this timeless formula. If your heart isn’t in it then whether your mind is aligned, and your body is present you will still fall short. Imagine a relationship where two people are like minded and always present for each other but neither one is on fire for each other. Their hearts are lukewarm. After a while it is just going through the motions, right? When your SOUL is engaged then you are truly “all in” and you “sell out” to the cause. There is no one that will talk you out of what you’re doing because you are committed deep down inside. Does this make sense?

When examining the effective power of MBS, you do not need to look any further than your own endeavors and pursuits. If there is any area that is lacking, then it may very well be that you have not yet applied the MBS formula to it. Maybe it’s time you did.

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