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I am sure many of you have heard of the old, wise saying, “You reap what you sow”. It seems straightforward at first glance, right? It basically means you will get out of something in equal measure whatever you put into it. In other words, you import what you export. If you are sowing good things, then you will also reap good things. However, because the saying is so simple it can also be taken for granted in the part that is most critical when read as a universal life lesson. The most indispensable element to this saying is the part where YOU must sow to get the results. Without the action of sowing there is nothing to reap. I believe that far too many people expect to reap when they have not sown anything or very little.

Let me equate this to what many people today do when they blend juices, shakes, and even foods. Imagine if you bought a brand new, state of the art blender with the intent of drinking healthy shakes and improve the quality of your health as part of a healthy lifestyle change. However, the blender sat on your counter, day in and day out, without you ever using it. One day after another you never pour the ingredients in to blend and make a shake and thereby never beginning to yield the results of a healthy lifestyle. Now, I know what most of you are thinking, “That sounds a lot like me, Jay. I have one of those beautiful blenders adorning my kitchen countertop. I never use it but, boy, is it nice looking”. Am I right? Well, not good. It is the action that starts the ball rolling. You have to put ingredients in the blender otherwise all you will ever have is an empty blender no matter how many times you press START. An empty blender spinning will just be an empty blender when it stops spinning. Are you getting this?

Although, I am using the analogy of creating a healthy lifestyle, the truth is that it can be applied to anything that someone may be desiring in life. The goal or dream that you seek requires you to put quality stuff into the blender. The success you seek requires you to put success ingredients into the blender. By the way, it is not one or two ingredients that will do the trick in producing the best blended results. It is a variety of well-planned and thought out ingredients that will yield the best results. Finally, remember that it is not only the action of sowing or doing that matters but the quality of the things you are sowing or doing that are tantamount as well. The quality of the act, in the sowing, doing, or importing which you MUST endeavor will determine to a great degree the accuracy of the arrival of the outcome you desire.

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