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In over my 30 years of interviewing, interacting, collaborating, and mentoring extraordinary individuals, whether in business, fitness, entertainment, academics, ministry, or life, I have observed that these individuals exhibit common patterns of behavior, thought, and traits. I call them the common denominators of the extraordinaire, and if you study these people, it becomes no secret what they are. Let me list seven of them and measure yourself with these denominators to see just how many of the seven you possess or are sorely deficient in.

  1. They share a spirit of boldness. They act when others are too timid to try something or stand up and be heard.

  2. They have a keen sense of figuring things out even when they lack information, resources, and helpers.

  3. They live in the space of feeling uncomfortable. They rarely sit back and do nothing and lavish in the comfortability of lounging.

  4. They have a game plan that allows them to take action with a sense of confidence. Winging it is not in their DNA.

  5. They have an innate ability to see what others can't. Their vision of a thing is often beyond what anyone can comprehend, yet they stick with it regardless of who sees it.

  6. They stay excited even when the evidence dictates they shouldn't. They find a way to infuse enthusiasm into their mindset and attitude despite no real reason.

  7. They look for ways IN and not ways OUT. Extraordinary people don't look for reasons, make excuses, or create alibis as to why they shouldn't, couldn't, or wouldn't do a thing. Nope. They do the exact opposite. They look for anything to justify why they CAN and why they WILL. Even the tiniest reason is good enough for them.

So, honestly, how did YOU measure up?

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