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There are times when the person who will need a search and rescue mission will be you. Search and rescue missions are activated during times when deadly circumstances have put the lives of many in danger of being lost. We have all seen many of these missions during our lifetimes, unfortunately. A personal search and rescue is also activated when you are in grave danger of being lost. When I say “lost” I don’t necessarily mean that you are in danger of losing your life (although that can most certainly happen). What I’m referring to is losing who you are, your identity, your sense of self-worth, your confidence, and your dreams. In my opinion, this SAR mission is needed more than most people are willing to admit. Consider what the pressures of life, raising a family, career or business, health, unforeseen and unexpected occurrences, personal failures, and outside negative influences can do to a person’s overall well-being, not to mention, psychological, emotional, and physiological state. It can wear anyone down who is not prepared or ill equipped for the factors of life. A relenting bombardment of life’s most daunting challenges and experiences can leave even the sturdiest of people wobbling at the knees on the verge of being lost. It is during times like these that someone can begin to lose sight of who they are because they are too many things to too many people and not enough to themselves. They can lose a sense of confidence in their abilities and question their self-worth which may have taken years to establish. It would not be too far-fetched to also see this person losing a grip on hope, let alone, whatever dreams they once were excited about. It is at these times that a personal search and rescue effort must be called into action to avoid further damage and complete loss. At this stage, everything that you once were can still be salvaged and even restored to a greater degree. The key is recognizing that, first, you are spiraling downward and into dangerous zones that could make the searching efforts even more difficult. In other words, we have all met people that are so far gone that regardless what you say, do, and give they will never be the same. The window of opportunity to help them closed because of the inability to recognize that the searching had to start much sooner. Secondly, the rescue efforts are to once again remind them of the value they have, the “awesomeness” of who they are, their prior accomplishments, and how much they’re loved and needed, and that they have dreams that are waiting for them to take hold of again. If you are such a person who needs search and rescue then let me encourage you to take a moment and begin reminding yourself that you are special, that you are here for a purpose, and that the world would not be the same without you, you have greatness within you, and it’s okay to lose your way every now and then, and that it’s okay to fall onboard just not overboard. Surround yourself with people who will be your human crutch until you are back on your crazy, amazing feet!

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