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Today, there is no shortage of incredible achievers in the world to admire and be inspired by. Considering how easy, fast, and accessible information is to obtain, at any given moment you can be exposed to success stories from one type of achiever to another. Whether it's achievers in ministry, fitness, academics, business, the arts or any other category, there will always be an opportunity to be inspired by someone else's accomplishments. This is a good thing. However, a fine line does exist between being inspired by someone’s success and accomplishments and being jealous of them.

The reality is that crossing the line can become toxic to your personal develop and pursuits. The line can become fuzzy and faint when you begin to envy the notable deeds of those who share the same endeavors as you. Since so many performance-driven and goal-oriented people desire to see the manifestations of their dreams and desires, the potential to become jaundiced lurks when you see others attain the level of success that you are still chasing. Instead of taking a page out of the achievers’ efforts, tireless work ethics, attitude, and personal disciplines as a means of noteworthy and enviable attributes, the jealous person will become resentful. Ultimately, this individual’s success can be delayed, if not, eluded because their own thoughts, attitudes and even actions were skewed by an unhealthy pursuit of achievement.

I submit to you that it is much greater to applaud the achiever who has arrived at the place that you desire. Show gratitude in knowing that if someone else has been able to accomplish such amazing feats then it means that you can too. Remind yourself the next time the line becomes blurred that had it not been for that person’s success you would have no proof that success or higher level accomplishment would be even possible. Be thankful that someone else has reached the mountaintop because, more often than not, they’ve left a trail for your victorious climb as well.

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