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I usually never hear that exercising can be overrated unless it is coming from those who refuse to recognize it as a viable and necessary means to staying healthy and fit. It is widely accepted that a regular regimen of exercise produces many tremendous benefits, one of which is maintaining strong and vibrant muscular strength. Yet, as undeniably valuable developing the habit of exercising for muscle strength is, so much more valuable is developing the same habit of exercising for mind strength and vitality. If creating strength for the physical part of who we are is beneficial then so must be the pursuit of creating strength for the non-physical part of who we are which, by the way, is the larger more important part of our existence. Failing to recognize that exercising your mind muscle through a variety of ways will shortchange your strength when you need it the most. A daily regimen on mind exercising could include meditating, praying, or even taking out a few minutes to just sit quietly and think. Thinking is a great mind exercise that unfortunately most people do not make time for. There is a verse from a popular song by Lauryn Hill from a few years ago that hits the nail on the head. ♫"How you goin' to win when you ain't right within? How you goin' to win when you ain't right within? How you goin' to win when you ain't right within?"♪ Well said!

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