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As one who has owned rental property, I know very well the pros and cons of dealing with tenants. The rental property experience can be wonderful when you have respectable and considerate tenants who pay on time. However, tenants who are less appreciative and more destructive can make for a miserable experience for a landlord. Nonetheless, it is the chance you take when you pursue a residential rental property income stream opportunity. The ugliest aspect is when you have to evict a tenant that has proven to be destructive, non-cooperative, and even harmful. Any one landlord who has gone through process can attest that it is not pleasant, and can be timely, and expensive. Yet, it has to be done in order to begin cleaning up the mess left behind and restarting the search for a better replacement. Not evicting the tenant can cause further harm to others as well if not removed.

Well, similarly in our minds we also have two tenants. One tenant is a wonderful addition to the home because it continues to add value, encouragement, support, and fresh new ideas while the other tenant seems bent on destruction, discouragement, and disillusionment. The unfortunate part is that the less desired tenant seems to, at times, carry a tremendous influence over our thoughts and yet we allow him extended stays. In fact, we go as far as allowing him to move in more stuff into the garage, the basement, and the attic while the better tenant gets shortchanged of space. We have all experienced such occasions, haven't we? There may be some going through a mental residency dilemma right now. If you are struggling with a hope, joy, and energy-sucking tenant who is wreaking havoc in your mental property then it is time for an eviction proceeding to begin. You can no longer afford this tenant to occupy your thought home. Decide that your life, dreams, and desires must trump having a dream-stealing and trash-talking tenant. Slap them with an eviction notice and accompany it with an immediate removal warrant. Then, shift your focus on providing the positive, motivated, and dream-seeking tenant more room to expand while you replace the evicted tenant with one that will support, cherish, and enhance your mental home.

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