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As a father of three, I know very well the hazards of too much exposure to a summer sun. Those hazy and hot days of a NY summer can be brutal on your skin if you spend just a few hours in the sun without sunscreen. Being well aware that the harmful effects from constant sun exposure on unprotected skin goes further than just a sunburn, I take a very generous approach to applying sunscreen. It is proven that applying sunscreen helps reduce not only immediate risk but the long term risk of potential skin cancer, facial brown spots, skin discoloration, wrinkled and premature aging, facial red veins, and skin blotchiness. So, clearly without any sort of sunscreen applied to your skin you can create an unwanted and harmful situation now and years to come.

Similarly, not protecting your brain from the constant exposure to the harmful effects of a negative environment, empty conversations, doom and gloom news reports, less than supportive and encouraging family and fiends, cynical business or work colleagues, counterproductive music, and valueless television can cause not only immediate brain harm but long term detrimental effects as well. The urgency to apply brainscreen cannot be understated. In fact, the higher the BPF (brain protection factor) the better because you can't afford for your brain to be exposed to these harmful elements. Sadly, even a little exposure can be begin to create damage in the form of moodiness, sadness, tiredness, bad breath, poor hygiene, poor posture, and bad attitude. The long term effects can be hopelessness, depression, physical ailments, friendship alienation, and being broke. Now, unlike sunscreens, brainscreen must be applied the minute you wake up and you must carry an ample supply on your person all day whether you're outdoors, indoors, in a bathing suit or fully clothed because those harmful energies can invade your brain space at any unsuspecting moment. If your goal is living a long, emotionally healthy, vibrant, positive, and successful life then you might as well put in your lifetime supply order now and make applying brainscreen a daily habit. Your brain life will depend on it.

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