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It is easy to quit anything. It really takes no effort. The quit muscle needs no formal training, exercising, or development. It is always in shape and ready to be called into action. We all have it and it stands ready to remind us that it is but a short thought or decision away. In fact, it never sleeps and never slumbers. There is absolutely no stamina needed when the time comes to decide that you are out of something or you will stop doing something because of difficulties, boredom, challenges, weather, criticism, fear, doubt, and on and on. However, the pursuit of a worthwhile endeavor doesn’t let you off the hook that easily. That road comes with a ton of manure loaded with flies and bees. Just ask anyone or any group that has achieved a high level of success or has attained any goal or dream and they will tell you that the journey towards that pursuit was laden with bumps, bruises, broken bones, black eyes, soreness, shortness of breath, sickness, strains, doubt, discouragement, disappointments, and dummies. Yet, somehow, they kept on keeping on. They developed along the way success stamina. Every set back was another opportunity to strengthen their resolve and build more stamina for the road ahead. I am convinced that if you ask any one of these individuals or groups if they had any idea when they would arrive at the doorstep of their dreams they would honestly say “no”. They would probably say that they knew they WOULD arrive but did know WHEN. Realizing that the goal or dream is worth the struggle is the first step in developing stamina. Without a solid commitment to see your effort through as well as accepting the fact that you will have to endure many trials along the way only serves to give more power and recognition to the archenemy of stamina, Quit. Here is the rub, though. The longer the journey the greater the stamina you will need and there is no getting around this. Incidentally, the greater the goal, the greater the journey will be. It is incumbent upon you to assess the goal and the journey and whether you will have the stamina to see it through. So many fail because they never take the time to assess if they have the stamina to see their endeavor to its successful end. However, for those who do cross the finish line of their dreams they look back on all the challenges they faced along the way and concur that it was worth it. Additionally, the success stamina they developed along the way only serves to prepare them for the next journey ahead.

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