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If they are honest and sincere, then any success seeker or world changer will tell you of their battles with their invisible enemies. To clarify my statement, I do not speak of invisible enemies in a fashion that some might conclude. I am not referring to invisible enemies as spiritual or religious dark goblins or incubuses from an underworld. Instead, I reference invisible enemies in a non-literal sense to highlight the malignant aspects of emotions that every aspiring person battles with while on their journey to a predetermined goal, dream, or success. Whether they have achieved complete victory (although I do not believe that you can ever have complete victory), experience skirmishes from time to time, have been ambushed by guerrilla-style attacks, or are in current all-out warfare, no one is immune from having to battle these enemies of our mind and spirit. Although these battles are not uncommon and are part of life, they were never truly explained or highlighted in the brochure of life and success. The disclosure statement is usually found in the fine print at the end of it towards the very bottom...below the roses. The disclosure reads that if you plan on endeavoring to go beyond average and ordinary, then please be aware that you will experience, to some extent, possibly lifelong battles with the invisible enemies of pressure, stress, anxiety, worry, fear, despair, discouragement, doubt, disbelief, and depression. I am honest enough to say that I have had my battles with these invisible enemies. The challenge with battling these invisible enemies is that they can be so subtle and silent that you don't even notice that they are there or an attack mounting against you. Yet, you are fully aware that you are at war with them at other times. There is no hiding from them, running away from them, or dismissing them. You have to engage with them head-on in the battlefield of your mind.

The truth is that each of these dastardly invisible enemies has their signature tactics and is easily recognizable when they begin to rear their ugly heads. The key is to create a personal self-defense system that either thwarts their attacks before they begin or immediately employs your tactics to crush them immediately. To valiantly battle these enemies, you must first know that you are not immune to their attacks. As a success pursuer, you will not be absolved from them, and there will be no free ride for you because these enemies are no respecter of persons. The sooner you acknowledge this and accept it, the sooner you will be prepared to deal with them.

The following observation is to become aware of when they begin to forge an attack. This is usually when you are at your weakest emotionally and spiritually. In other words, it is when you have experienced a letdown or delay of some sort. Possibly, you have been expecting to receive something of great value or achievement of a goal, and it has not happened yet or never will. The invisible enemy of discouragement loves to plan its attack during times like these. It sits and waits for this opportune time. Therefore, your awareness of this can help you plan your self-defense system. I have also learned that attacks can come during the part of the day where your mind is most susceptible because it is still re-aligning itself with consciousness, and that is in the morning. When the mind is most vulnerable during those few moments when you have just awoken from a very long unconscious state and now are re-assessing and re-evaluating your conscious state and reality, the worst of attacks can come. Have you ever experienced that some of your biggest fear thoughts usually come within a few minutes of awakening? Those thoughts can cripple you with fear and reduce you to an impotent being. This is one of the most powerful invisible enemies that can make for a disastrous entry into depression.

Pursuing a worthy goal or idea is not a journey that many will have the courage to begin. However, for those of us who do, there will be challenges along the way which will require an extra measure of effort and determination to keep going. The challenges will be battling emotional enemies that will stage an effort to deter you from your destiny. It will be up to you to decide who will be victorious. I hope you decide that your dreams are worth your kick-ass best in battling your invisible enemies.

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