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There is plenty of room at the table. The table adjusts and expands to the number of seats. There is never a shortage of space at the table if you desire to sit there. What are you talking about, Jay? What table? I refer to the table of achievement, accomplishment, success, and peer recognition. I refer to the table you earn the right to sit at because you did exactly what every person sitting there did. It is the table where your peers recognize you as a vetted, validated, and valuable person among them. This table will not discriminate, for discriminators are not allowed. This table will not judge because casting judgment is forbidden. This table will not discourage, for discouragement is not on the minds of those who have a seat at this table. So, how do you get a seat at the table? You earn it.

You are not entitled to it; you are not gifted to it; you can’t talk your way onto it. You find out what everyone has done to earn their seat, and you do the same. If they outworked everyone else, then you do the same. If they outlearned everyone else, then you do the same. If they outshined everyone else, then YOU DO THE SAME. If the table demands your personal growth and development, then see to it that you go out of your way to obsessively grow and develop yourself. If a seat at the table means that you have to be uncomfortable and out of balance for a season, then you face that fact and embrace that season. If earning a seat means that excruciating patience and waiting is par for the course, then you find something to keep positive and proactively busy in the interim.

Here is the bottom line. The table has already reserved a seat for you. It has your name on it. You just have to decide that you want to sit there. That is, if it is vital for you to sit at the table. If not, then that is okay because there are plenty of long, folded tables in the common hall where you can sit. However, this table is reserved for those who hunger to do something extraordinary with their lives. And it waits for you.


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