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Currently, the world is re-establishing some sense of normalcy from the COVID 19 pandemic. One of the challenges that faced many Americans in the early stages of the pandemic was disinfectant items at the stores. I mean, wherever you went, you could not find Lysol spray, hand sanitizers, wipes, and even toilet paper (which baffled many). The stores were out of stock. Consumers did not care much for the store (or even other items for that matter) if what they went in for they could not get. Consumers would hunt to find what they deemed as critical and much needed for their well-being and safety. Shopper loyalty went out the window.

Much can be said about how people will see you when they expect or desire something from you, yet YOU are out of stock in that department. What do I mean? You cannot offer, distribute, or provide something that you are either out of stock or in short supply of. You cannot offer JOY to anyone if you are out of stock. You cannot give LOVE to anyone if your shelves are empty. You cannot provide QUALITY SERVICE or give your VERY BEST if you lack the right skill or information to do so. You indeed cannot tender WISDOM if you lack it. If you have a severe deficit in the EXCITEMENT and ENERGY department, then forget about trying to give anyone any. Here is the truth: people will seek what you are out of stock on elsewhere. This is human nature. We continue to seek what we need from whoever is in total stock. Sadly, there is little patience and loyalty to anything or anyone when an essential need requires fulfillment. If maintaining and securing relationships, reliability, and confidence in others is essential, let me encourage you. Take an immediate inventory of what you are out of stock on and decide what needs desperate replenishing.


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