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Mark, one of my friends and business running buddies, recently called me excited. He had just come up with the name of a new networking group that we discussed creating. It was a group that had to be different in every way from the usual, predictable, and stale formatting of current networking groups. He said, “Let’s call the group Abundance Connectors!” I agreed without hesitation. I knew that this was the perfect name and something special was in the works. When I asked him how he had come up with the name, he said, “It came to me in the hot tub early in the morning.” He explained that every early morning he sits in his hot tub in the backyard by himself. He does this away from anyone, the phone, his laptop, and whatever can create clutter or distraction from thinking. It is his set time for creativity to flow. In this case, it certainly did.

Creativity demands solitude. It is only in times of quietness and away from the constant barrage of noise that the mind can settle down enough to allow the gift of creativity to flow. I believe your best ideas surface when you’re away from the activity, clutter, or the constant chatter of others. Personally, most of my ideas and creative thoughts have come early in the morning when I take a shower, go for a long walk, or have a morning workout with barely anyone at the gym. When I am on a long drive, I often find that I can have flashes of creativity or solutions to problems or challenges that I may be facing.

If you find yourself struggling with fresh ideas, solutions, and creativity, I encourage you to set aside quiet and clutter-free moments for creativity to flow. The truth is that every creative idea, solution, or thought that you need to succeed already resides in you, and it merely demands that you give it the undivided attention it seeks and deserves.


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